2019 - 2020 Studio Calendar

Fall Schedule:
Lessons begin August 5, 2019. My studio will be open on all Monday school holidays and the 1/2 day school holidays except for Labor Day. No lessons on Labor Day, Sept. 2. When in doubt, please check my web site or give me a call or email.

MTNA Composition Contest:
Please let me know if you are interested in entering this event.

Theory-Performance Group Classes:
The dates below are for the 6 group classes. I cannot have a lot of cars on the street during group class times because of courtesy to my neighbors. There are no classes scheduled for Dec., April, and May or in the summer. Click on “Schedules” on my web site to locate your group class time, which remains the same for the school year.

Fall Break:
Huntsville = Oct. 7 - 11; Madison City = Oct. 7-11. I may or may not be teaching during Fall Break. I will let you know. I will not reschedule missed lessons during Fall Break. We have not finalized our plans for a possible Oct. trip.

Thanksgiving Vacation:
No lessons Nov. 25- 29. Lessons resume Dec. 2.

Christmas Vacation:
No lessons Dec. 23 - Jan. 3. Lessons resume on Monday Jan. 6, 2020.

Young Artist HSO Concerto Audition:
There are 2 (two) rounds for the Young Artist Audition. The first deadline is Monday, Nov. 25, 2019. An audio recording, application form and fee of $32 are required. Students will be notified by Dec. 20 if they are selected to perform in the final recital. At this time an additional $50. fee is required. The Finalists Recital is set for Jan. 12, 2020 at Roberts Hall, UAH. An out-of-state judge will decide on the winner who will perform at the Young Peoples Concerts in Feb. 27 & 28, 2020 at the VBC concert hall. See me if interested. The application procedure is complicated.

Huntsville Symphony Orchestra’s Free Family Concert:
Feb. 29 beginning at 9:30 for family activities with the concert beginning at 11:00 featuring “Peter and the Wolf” by Prokofiev. It will be at the Mark C. Smith Concert Hall at the VBC.

National Federation of Music Clubs Audition:
This Audition is held in February at the First Baptist Church, Governor’s Drive, Hsv. There is a registration fee, a required piece, plus a piece of choice. Memory and Theory are optional. The exact dates have not been posted. Please see me if interested.

Spring Break:
Huntsville = March 30 – April 3; Madison City = March 30 – April 3. No Lessons during Spring Break.

HMSC Scholarship Auditions:
This date has not been posted. It is open to 9 – 12th graders, 2 memorized pieces, an application form and entry fee are required. Let me know if you are interested.

Spring Piano Recitals – April 11:
All students are expected to perform in the spring recital with their age group. Recitals are scheduled for April 11, at the Huntsville Museum of Art in the Great Hall. Guests are invited. It is a “dress up” occasion, all pieces are performed by memory and there is no recital fee. Details will be sent to each student before the recital with the times.

AMTA District Audition for Solo Piano and Theory – March 21:
This is held at the First Baptist Church, Governor’s Drive, Hsv. from 9:00 – 2:00. There is an entry fee ($25) and deadline for the application forms for the solo and the theory requirements. The judges are out-of-town piano teachers. If you have a conflict with this date, let me know ASAP and I may reschedule you for another audition date in another city. I will send a more detailed instruction sheet home with the eligible students before this event.

UAH Spring Piano Festival, No. 7:
This event is usually held on a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning in early May. There is an entry fee and repertoire requirements which will be posted when it is scheduled. Please let me know if you are interested in entering this Audition.

State AMTA Piano Audition – May 9-10:
This audition is for all students who made the grade of Outstanding in the district piano audition in March and for students in the 5th grade or above and/or age 10 or older by the deadline of Sept. 1, 2019. There is no theory at this audition. It is held at the Moody Music Building, University of Alabama main campus in Tuscaloosa, AL. This event cannot be rescheduled if you have a conflict. I send a detailed instruction sheet before the event to the eligible students. There is a deadline, repertoire requirements and entry fee ($25).

AMTA State Conference will be May 28-29-30 at UAH.
This Conference will be held in Huntsville at Roberts Hall on the campus of UAH! The winners from the State AMTA and MTNA auditions perform in recitals during this conference. Further details are not available at this time.

Summer Residential Piano Camps held in June:

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